Maria Guralnik joined the Arts Management program at Purchase College in 2009.  From 1993 - 2009, she served as General Manager of the Van Cliburn Foundation where she oversaw career development for the winners of the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition including the contracting and servicing of all U.S. engagements and coordination of international tours following each quadrennial competition.  Professor Guralnik began her professional career at Columbia Artists Management.  She is a past president of the North American Performing Arts Managers Association and was an Arts Management Fellow at the National Endowment for the Arts at the height of the culture wars.  At Purchase, Professor Guralnik teaches Fundamentals of Arts Management, Marketing the Arts, and Making the Case for the Arts, designed to develop an understanding of the value of the arts value and cultural policy issues central to the work of today's artists and managers.     A resident of High Falls, New York, Maria Guralnik is also the personal representative for pianist Frederic Chiu and serves on the board of the touring dance group, Vanaver Caravan.