Leandro Benmergui
Assistant Professor of Latin American Studies at Bucknell University (Starting Fall 2013)

BA, University of Buenos Aires; PhD, University of Maryland, College Park

Leandro Benmergui’s areas of interests include urban social and cultural history of Latin America from a transnational perspective. His article “The Alliance for Progress and Housing Policy in Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires in the 1960s” was published in Urban History 36 (Cambridge University Press, 2009). He also has two articles forthcoming: “The Transnationalization of the ‘Housing Problem’: Social Science and Developmentalism in Postwar Argentina” in Proprietary Matters: The Housing Question in High Modernist and Neoliberal Urbanism, Edward Murphy and Najib Hourani, eds., (Aldershot: Ashgate); and, in collaboration, “Japanese Internment and the Science of Democracy: Colonialism, Social Engineering, and Government Administration,” on the relationship between social sciences and the internment of Japanese during World War. Benmergui’s doctoral work is a transnational history of housing and poverty, framed within a multidisciplinary approach that includes social and cultural history, architecture, urban planning, and a history of sociology.

Leandro is also the book review editor in Latin American urban history for H-Urban.