My current research is on small scale methamphetamine manufacture in rural and semi-rural Missouri and elsewhere in the US. I am interested in the striking ways that meth manufacture and use are integrated in forms of life in order to enhance or "get more life." I trace the chemical contours of alternative biotechno-ecologies where "rogue" consumers unmake everyday household products to create a nostrum to cure the affective and physical ills of fatigue, deflation and dispossession. I am interested in the ways these practices tap industrial chemical and pharmacological apparatuses for DIY biotechnological self-production. I am exploring this phenomenon as a late industrial incarnation of alchemy.

Additionally, I continue to conduct research in Naples, where I have been working since 1998. There I study contact zones where so-called formal, informal and illicit economies overlap and where underemployed people get entangled with the camorra, the region's powerful and volatile organized crime networks, paying special attention to music, video, television and piracy. I am particularly interested in the problem of “complicity” and the relationship between moral/political economy, aesthetic practices and affective atmospheres.