Dr. Cobina Gillitt is a scholar, freelance dramaturg, and translator based in New York City. She earned her BA in Theatre (with a focus on directing) from Wesleyan University and her MA and Ph.D. in Performance Studies from New York University. She comes to Purchase from the Department of Drama, Tisch School of the Arts, NYU, where she taught Theatre Studies for 17 years. Her areas of research and teaching expertise include Asian theatre and performance theory, dramaturgy & translation, and American and European 20th century avant-garde theatre theory, history, and practice. She has been a member of Jakarta-based Teater Mandiri since 1988, performing and holding workshops in Indonesia and internationally.

Prof. Gillitt is a translator of Indonesian plays into English, several of which are published in Islands of Imagination eds. Gillitt, Stewart, and McGlynn (University of Hawaii Press, 2015) as well as The Lontar Anthology of Indonesia Drama Vol 3: 1965-1998 ed. Gillitt (Lontar, 2010). Recent scholarly publications include the Indonesian entries in The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Stage Actors and Acting (2015), “Richard Schechner” in Asian Theatre Journal vol. 30, no. 2 (Fall) 2013, and “How the Fish Swims in Dirty Water: Antigone in Indonesia” in ANTIGONE on The Contemporary World Stage. eds. Erin Mee and Helen Foley. Oxford University Press, 2011. Click on Publications to see more.

Her current dramaturgical work is on a new play by Jessica Litwak, My Heart is in the East, due to premiere at La Mama ETC in May, 2015. She is also working with Elizabeth Swados on The Golem, a horror opera, scheduled to premiere in 2015. Other recent dramaturgy credits include Clive by Jonathan Marc Sherman (a retelling of Bertolt Brecht’s Baal) directed by Ethan Hawke at The New Group, Spring Awakening book and lyrics by Steven Sater directed by Kenneth Noel Mitchell, at Tisch Drama Stageworks, Myself is in Pieces by Kate Maracle, reading directed by Erica Gould at Peter J Sharpe Theatre, and Dirty Paki Lingerie by Aizzah Fatima, directed by Erica Gould, at The Flea (nom. best solo performance, NYIT 2014).